Please note: this section starts by summarising some key advice from the ‘How to set up a lab’ section. It then covers a range of practical tools and techniques (that might also be useful to people setting up a lab).
Welcome to this 45-minute Section on How To Convene Around The SDGs. As you work through it, we hope you find it useful – but please remember that you can adapt all of these tools and approaches to your own situation.

The aim of this resource is to pass on what we’ve learned – but there are never one-size-fits-all solutions. So take what works for you, and apply it in your own way.
Convening is another word for bringing people together. [Source: Oxford Dictionary].

In the context of sustainable development, convening power is ‘the ability to catalyze collective action by relevant actors to address global and regional development challenges’. [Source: World Bank].
Not everyone wants or needs to establish a lab or initiative of their own. It may be that you already have one – or that setting one up isn’t a priority for you at this time. But there are still lots of useful approaches, tools and techniques that you may wish to learn about, based on our experiences.

This Section is divided into two parts:

1. Overview

A quick overview of the essence of the 2030 Agenda, plus advice on building networks – and some selected case study examples.

2. Tools and Techniques

Road-tested ways to help you bring diverse people together (integrate), get them to work together (collaborate) and find new approaches (innovate).